Online marketplaces offer business and consumers a place to buy almost anything. Today’s savvy market now wants to do the same thing with everything they buy, including specialized services or customized products. They want to be able to log on, inquire about a service or product, customize it to their specific requirements, and then see multiple quotes instantly from different providers all competing for their business. Most websites are limited and fall short of meeting this new business and consumer demand.

  • Most existing marketplaces only allow price comparison of stock items, while those few offering customized inquiries are forced to collect the information and manually process the quote before responding.
  • The few marketplaces that allow for customized inquiries are written using unique code specialized for that specific industry.
  • Existing e-Commerce systems do not provide for more complex math calculations needed to calculate pricing for configurable products and services.


A full feature marketplace matching buyers to sellers that can offer configurable products and/or services with multiple instant quotes did not exist, until the development of Utilizing this revolutionary patented marketplace/e-commerce (774769) software engine, allows a customer to go to one place to inquire on any shelf item or configurable products or services and receive instant price quotes from multiple companies.

  •   configurator technology allows for questions, rules and complex math formulas defined in a schema, which moves past the barrier of just offering simple variant products. This patented engine allows exposure to virtually all industries, without expensive customized programming. It also provides inter-relationship checking to ensure accurate customization.
  •   allows prospects to see sellers, within a specific geographic area, to get multiple automatic quotes instantly, quickly making this the one stop marketplace to shop for everything possible.  This reduces the sellers overhead cost.
  •  will be the place where marketing and sales merge together to become, the largest automatize marketing and sales center, where every industry’s top names will be located because it allow buyers to inquire, receive quotes and then with one push of a button anytime day or night order the best value in price, value and quality.

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Value Proposition with Patent

-83% Buyer Reduced hours from 3.1 to .5 hours

Vendor Overhead reduction
-38% From 3.4 to 2.1 hours on visit
-34% From $157 to $103.50 for Estimator making visit
-91% From $157 to $13.50 for Estimator if not ask to visit
Vendor Decreased cost
-11% -$53.50 if awarded the order
-91% -$143.50 if NOT awarded the order
+11% Gross Margin on a 16Hr Job @ $898 from 46.88% to 52.84%

Market Place adds additional $12 to $360 Million revenue per year      

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